Threat.Zone’s January 2024 Update: Discover What’s New

Threat.Zone’s January 2024 Update: Discover What’s New

Hi fellow analysts,

Buckle up, because the Threat.Zone team is about to unleash a tidal wave of innovation that will leave you breathless. Get ready to experience security like never before as we unveil our latest updates and enhancements, designed to propel you toward digital resilience and success!

💼 Workspace System: Redefining Collaboration

Introducing our redesigned Workspace System, which means goodbye to isolated security activities and hello to smooth cooperation. Create your team, arrange permissions, and follow every submission on one screen! Get ready to revolutionize the way you work together towards a secure digital future.

🔍 Malware Config Extractor: Unveil Hidden Threats

Uncover the secrets of sophisticated malware with our powerful Malware Config Extractor. By dissecting and analyzing malicious configurations, Threat.Zone gives you unparalleled insight into the command and control server addresses, encryption keys, and communication protocols. Find the Malware Config Report in the Static report of the analysis.

🔓 .NET Deobfuscator: Shedding Light on Dark Code

Whether you're analyzing suspicious binaries or reverse-engineering complex malware, Threat.Zone empowers you to unravel the darkest corners of code and uncover hidden vulnerabilities. Shine a light on dark code and take control of your security destiny.

🐛 Bug Fix: Stuck at Accepted - Smooth Sailing Ahead

We've squashed pesky bugs that were causing users to get stuck at the "Accepted" stage, ensuring smooth sailing throughout your Threat.Zone experience. Enjoy uninterrupted workflow and seamless navigation as you harness the full power of our platform to protect your digital assets.

📁 Increased File Support: No Limits, No Boundaries

Expand your security horizons with enhanced file support capabilities. Whether you're analyzing massive data sets, handling diverse file formats, or processing complex payloads, Threat.Zone has you covered. 

With increased file support, you can obtain static analysis reports of any file regardless of its format! Here is a list of updated file types for dynamic analysis: exe, docx, dochtml, docm, doc, rtf, ps1, bat, cmd, xlw, xltx, xltm, xls, xlsx, odc, csv, xlshtml, elf

📈 Increased CSI Capacity: Scaling Up for Success

As your security needs grow, so does Threat.Zone's capacity to support your mission. We've bolstered our CSI capacity to handle even the most demanding security investigations and forensic analyses. Scale up with confidence and unleash the full potential of Threat.Zone as you tackle complex cyber challenges head-on.

🎨 New UI Design: A Visual Revolution

Our beloved interface is even easier to use! Prepare to be dazzled by our stunning new UI design, meticulously crafted to elevate your Threat.Zone experience to new heights. With sleek interfaces, intuitive navigation, and visually captivating elements, navigating Threat.Zone has never been more delightful. 

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Over and out 👋🏻

Threat.Zone Dev