Threat Zone X Microsoft AppSource

Threat Zone X Microsoft AppSource

Secure your e-mail attachments in milliseconds!

With our exclusive CDR technology, we can sanitize your e-mail attachments (pdf, word, xlsx etc.) in milliseconds.

More about CDR 👇

Threat Zone’s CDR Module
What is CDR ? What are the benefits of CDR for file security?

Threat Zone’s CDR Module

What is CDR ? What are the benefits of CDR for file security?

Do you ever feel like your email is a ticking time bomb? 💣

Malware can be present in your inbox when you open it. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. In just one click, Threat Zone keeps you protected against known and unknown threats.

Secure Mail Extension by Threat Zone is a powerful and easy-to-use malware protection system for email. It keeps your inbox organized and clutter-free while protecting you against malware, phishing scams, and other malicious files.

By scanning all incoming email messages for dangerous content, Threat Zone Secure Mail protects you from malware and malicious attachments that could compromise your data or disrupt your business operations. It protects confidential information by scanning your mail for known and unknown threats before it reaches its intended recipients.

This is how its works on your email address:

  1. Add-in needs a Threat Zone account and API key for authentication.

You can access to API key at
Auto scan checkbox allows the user to scan mail attachments automatically when add-in is opened.

2. When you open an e-mail with attachments, Threat Zone add-in will list them.

3. Select attachments to scan, then click Run

4. Threat Zone Secure Mail scan and disarm selected attachments, shows scan result. You can download sanitized file with one click.

5. There is information about Threat Zone Secure Mail at About tab. Start button redirects you to CDR tab.

You can use it for free at 👇

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