Recap 2022 — Threat Zone

Recap 2022 — Threat Zone

On August 19th, we launched “Threat.Zone”.

Since we started our journey, the Threat.Zone team has managed this process successfully.

As a malware-oriented company, we already explore the “know-how” of the SaaS industry.

Here we are with our 2022 achievements:

500+ trial and paid users are joining our journey at Threat.Zone.

We received 33K+ submissions to expand our malware perspective for our community.

Since we launched our platform we’re taking very serious about social media game :)

Here is the results;

More than 90 foreign countries checked out our website.

Let’s mention our key features at Threat.Zone.

Documents and images can be sanitized with Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR).

Using the Memory Process File System (MemProcFS), you can view virtual files as physical memory.

In Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), you will find tools and test environments to assist you.

You can try at least one of them for a better experience at Threat.Zone!

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